Our Story

The Yellow Barn

Owners, Tom and Deb share The Barn’s story:

Deb has long said, “We don’t have homes, we have art projects.” This has been the case for many of our moves around St. Paul over the past 30 years. Each unique home and move has involved material to substantial physical changes, giving us a lot of practice prior to recently settling here in the fall of 2011. 2455 Delaware Avenue, known by most as “The Barn,” has character that has been formed over 122 years. As we learned about our new home’s history and past owners, our goal became to honor this land’s past, while creating space for our future dreams.

We have found that life is always preparing us for what is to come. As we reflect back, we can see that the blueprint for our yellow barn began far before we spotted the “for sale” sign last summer. A couple years ago we joined an exercise studio that was giving us great results. A majority of the fitness routine was centered around kettle bells. For those of you who are unfamiliar, kettle bells are basically cannon balls with a handle on them, and we spent much of our time there swinging them around. It was a challenging and effective work out, but even with proper training, thoughts of injury often crossed our mind. We questioned how--not if-- we would be injured.

Then a vacation to Mexico, proved to be more than just relaxing. Our eyes were opened to yoga during a free session on the beach. The focus on balance, strength and flexibility was just what we needed…we were hooked. We began practicing almost daily back in St. Paul, and after about a year, Deb applied teacher to training at Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts. During Deb’s application process, we began converting an outbuilding on the property into a barn with an upper and lower level. The upper level evolved to be a very warm space conducive to becoming a yoga studio. Again, we see, life was preparing us…

Deb's teacher training combined with her passion for nutrition and wellness started to draw others into a plan that was organically evolving in our backyard. Our daughter Jessica is a certified personal trainer and soon to be certified Pilate’s instructor. Anna, our other daughter, is also passionate about health and wellness, and is excited to see where this journey will take her. To complete the mix, we are fortunate to have come to know a woman who has dedicated her life and education to all of the above, Katie Jasper. Katie is a yoga instructor and has obtained an MA in Holistic Health Studies, well as a certification in Integrative Nutrition. She is a member of the American Association for Drugless Practitioners, and opened Katie Jasper Health in early 2010.

What has evolved is a mission not based on a future objective, but rather the passions of the community drawn to The Barn. We strive to create an environment where the complexities of today are simplified back to the basics that our bodies call for—to build a balance of fitness and nutrition in an environment that encourages both. Life continues to surprise and reveal. It is our belief that The Barn is a part of this process and will be greatly shaped by those who join us in this journey, we hope it includes you.